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More audio, video coming via the Web

April 28, 1996


One of the latest software toys I've downloaded over the Internet is Net Toob, developed by Duplexx.

Net Toob is a multimedia player for Windows that plays all the standard digital video modes in a single, easy-to-use player. And it includes its own screen saver mode to let you play your favorite video clip instead of the usual static screen displays.

Users can use the screen saver to create a personalized video screen saver for their computers.

Duplexx says Net Toob will also soon handle real-time audio and video over the Internet.

Its easy to use and install, and offers a simple user interface that resembles the controls on a VCR (but without the flashing ``12:00'' that's on both my video units at home).

The installation of the software is simply too. It searches for hard drive for the various Web browsing software you may have, and will automatically configure itself. It supports Netscape Navigator, Spry Air Mosaic, Enhanced Mosaic, Chameleon, CompuServe and America Online.

If you don't use those, the software comes with instructions to set it up with your particular browser.

Net Toob requires a 486 PC, 4 MB of RAM, and runs under WIndows 3.1 or greater, and the company's home page includes links to sources for video clips to download.

NEW ENGLAND TRAVEL. Yankee Magazine recently unveiled its Web site devoted to traveling around the New England region of the U.S.

This content-rich site lets you search the New England states for events, read reviews of restaurants and lodging, as well as find museums and lists of bed-and-breakfasts.

It includes travel tips take from ``The Yankee Traveler.'' This week, the topic was driving tour of Salem and Cape Ann, Mass., and reviews of inns and restaurants of Portland, Maine.

The site's Yankee General Store features subscription information to Yankee Magazines. Devoted travelers will want to subscribe to The Yankee Traveler, a nine-times per year newsletter.

You can also pick up a copy of the Yankee Magazine's 1997 Recipe Calendar, or ``Yankee Magazines's New England Innkeepers' Cookbook.'' All of their items include a nice discount for shopping at their Web site, too.

Yankee Magazine also publishes The Old Farmer's Almanac.

INTERNET EXCELLENCE AWARDS. On Monday, the folks who bring you the ``C|Net Central'' television program and the C|Net World-Wide Web site will present the ``C|Net Awards for Internet Excellence.''

The awards will honor the people, products and technology that have fueled they believe have helped fuel the explosive growth of the Internet.

And as you might expect, C|Net will be using the Internet for its broadcast of the awards.

``C|Net Central'' hosts Richard Hart and Gina St. John will present awards in nine categories, including best Web browser, best Internet application, best Web server software, best search engine, best online game, and person of the year.

The invitation-only event is being held in San Jose, Calif., but live video (using Xing's StreamWorks technology) and audio (using RealAudio) feeds over the Internet will be available Monday evening.

For more information, or to download the software you'll need, visit C|Net's Web site.

Highlights from the award show will be broadcast during this Friday's edition of ``C|Net Central.''

SPEAKING OF C|NET. The company recently announced plans for two new television shows related to the Internet and high-tech goodies.

``The Web'' will be an hour-long show devoted entirely to the Internet, on-line computing.

The show will cover what's new on the Internet, and the software you'll need to see or hear it.

``New Edge'' will be a half-hour program focusing on future technology, from medical equipment to new computers and gadgets for the home.

Both shows will begin July 7 and will be broadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel, along with C|Net Central. All three shows will appear in a two-hour block on the Sci-Fi Channel.

HARDIN COUNTIANS ON THE WEB. My recent request for Web sites by Hardin residents didn't go unanswered. Several people sent in their URLs for their sites, and I've included a couple this week.

  • Radcliff resident Adrian Bambini has a Web site devoted to his work as a consultant for HomeQuest Academy, a publicly owned company that markets educational programs and services.

  • Radcliff resident and Realtor Steve Walton sent word of his Homes4U Web site.

    He includes a short biographical information, contact numbers, some real estate listings, and links to Re/Max's home page, the Fort Knox Federal Credit Union, and other places on the Web.

If you or someone you know in Hardin County has a Web site, I'll be glad to mention it in a future column. Just e-mail the information to me -- it's that simple!

Comments and questions about this column may be sent to jbrooks@myoldkentuckyhome.com, or visit www.myoldkentuckyhome.com on the World Wide Web.

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