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CompuServe adds new Web browser to its operating software

Feb 18, 1996


On-line services are in competition with not just each other, but also the Internet for customers these days. And CompuServe recently has upped the ante in the battle to keep its subscribers happy and attract new ones.

CompuServe's latest software upgrade for Windows -- WinCIM 2.01 -- is a substantial improvement in the service's interface software package.

The biggest change is that the software includes an integrated World-Wide Web browser -- Spry's Air Mosaic browser. For the first time, CompuServe users have a seamless interface to go from the on-line service to the Internet and back.

While using CompuServe, highlighted links for information found on Web sites on the Internet automatically activate the browser software. From that site on the Internet, you can return to CompuServe with a click of a button.

The new software is a two-disk package, and it is available free by calling 1-800-368-3343.

GNN. If you've been dealing with the free computer disks bundled with so many of the current computer magazines, you may have noticed a newcomer -- GNN.

Global Network Navigator, an Internet-access business launched last year by America Online Inc., is the company's foray into the Internet Service Provider business. And like AOL, GNN has numbers in most metropolitan areas, including Louisville, Bowling Green and Lexington in Kentucky.

GNN's software is an Internet suite --meaning World-Wide Web, e-mail, IRC and Usenet newsgroup software all rolled neatly into one package.

I was impressed with its ease of use. The software detected my modem, configured itself, and connected with no problem. In minutes I was surfing the Internet.

The Web browser includes buttons to switch to other Net offerings, such as e-mail, IRC or newsgroups. Its simply point-and-click.

Pricing isn't too bad, either, though local providers have still have an edge over GNN's pricing, due primarily to the fact its a long-distance call.

HARDIN COUNTIANS ON THE WEB. A growing number of Hardin County residents are getting on-line, and many groups and individuals are creating Web pages for personal and business purposes. These are just a few of the sites I've been able to find on the World-Wide Web; if you or your company has a Web site, let me know for inclusion in a future column.

  • Military and outdoor equipment outfitter U.S. Cavalry has a Web site that offers information on the company, some sample items from their catalog, and an email address for receiving one of their catalogs.

  • Elizabethtown Community College also has a home page. ECC webmaster Rene Guarneros-Mata has a nicely prepared site, complete with a good deal of information on the college, including financial aid, transferring college credit, and links to other Web sites on the Internet.

  • Kentucky VillageNet, the local non-profit organization dedicated to computer communication, has its own Web site.

    KVN offers a nicely prepared home page that while light on information, it does offer some history of KVN and their mission. Many of the menu selections are still under construction, but show promise once the site is filled out.

    The group also operates a computer bulletin board.

  • Local State Farm Insurance agent Jim Skees has a personal home page on the Web.

    His page has information on his business, and links to other State Farm agents on the Web.

  • Another local personal home page is one by Wayne Richardson.

    Like many folks, Wayne is still working on his site, and two ``Webworkers'' appear to be studying blueprints for future improvements.

  • Matt Hawkins has created his own Kentucky Trout Fishing Page.

    He has links to a number of his favorite fishing sites, and plans for 10-year class reunion set for later this year.

  • The Glendale Waterfowl and Fish Decoy page displays the handsome hand-carved decoys created by Glendale's Tony Vance.

    In addition to his selection of decoys, Vance's page also features a list of Glendale attractions.

  • Frank Crain Auctioneers of Elizabethtown's Web page includes information on how an auction works, as well as a list of upcoming auctions.

  • NETworks is a personal/business Web page created by Dan Brandenburg. His page has information on free pagers, discount long distance service and baseball cards.

  • New World Horizons is an Elizabethtown home-based business on the Web.

    The company offers a supply of gift items for resale.

  • Page America is another Elizabethtown business on the web, selling pagers and a variety of custom paging packages.

  • Bluegrass Paging also has a home page, and again, pagers and associated air time are the product. It too is located in Elizabethtown.

  • PageOne is another Elizabethtown business Web site dealing with pagers and discount air time.

  • Though its headquarters are elsewhere, Republic Bank has a Web site on the Internet.

    The site offers locations of its branch banks, its history and a rundown on the banks' services.

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