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Walking with my brother Bennie up to
J.J. Newberrys on Saturdays was always a treat when we were kids in the late '60s.

We were there to check out the Matchbox cars and what then seemed to be massive selection of toys and games they had.

The Brachs candy section also was a favorite part of a trip in that store. I don't recall ever buying a single candy there, but the huge bins of neatly wrapped caramels and other candies always made me wish my quarters would stretch further than Matchbox cars.

It wasn't until I was in high school that I began to realize how unique my hometown really was. I knew we had The Stephen Foster Story ("the drama" to the locals) and My Old Kentucky Home State Park, and lots of other old buildings in town. But people actually loaded up in their station wagons, trucks and campers and drove across state lines to visit here. I remember wondering: "Why?"

As an adult, I've come to geniuniely love Bardstown and Nelson County, though both have changed dramatically since my days of Matchbox cars and Brach's candies.

These images are from assorted postcards in my collection. Enjoy!

Click the thumbnailsto view the larger image. They're large images, so please be patient. I promise they're worth the wait.

--Jim Brooks


View of North Third Street looking south from Flaget intersection. Circa 1940.

View looking north on Third
Street from courthouse, circa 1960 (look for the Kennedy- LBJ campaign banner!).

Postcard of "Old Mill" near Bardstown. Date unknown.

Postcard drawing of Old Talbott Tavern, circa 1970.

Postcard photo of Tavern circa 1945.

Photo of Tavern, with Jonsie's carriage at right, circa 1995.

Aerial view of Tavern after February 1998 fire. (Teresa Rice photo.)


Ladder truck next to tavern after 1998 fire.(Teresa Rice photo).

An interesting post card about Nelson County! Click here for details!


This photo is from the 1997 fire at Heaven Hill Distillery. (Heaven Hill fire photos were all part of The Kentucky Standard's coverage of the event).

This view looking north down Third Street from the Courthouse door is on a postcard dated 1922, and addressed to Miss Mattie Curtsinger of
Cox's Creek, Ky.

Another photo from the Heaven Hill fire. Kentucky Standard staff members at the scene reported huge fireballs of unburnt alcohol that were forced hundreds of feet into the air until they found oxygen to combust.


This photo is facing down the hill toward the actual distillery at Heaven Hill. To the left is KY 49. The warehouse at right was ultimately destroyed.


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