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ABOVE: The home's library featured some really nice antiques and bookcases. Two unique revolving bookcase/end tables brought $200 each (sans the books!). The sideboard against the wall brought $500; the round table $800, the office chairs $30 each.

BELOW: Yet another chandelier. This one is
in the library.

ABOVE: The library was one of my favorite
rooms in the house. It featured these large
built-in bookcases, which had been full of books
prior to the sale (the books on the left brought
$100, the books on the right side of the
fireplace $200).

BELOW: The doors from the library also
opened to the patio area, and a beautiful view
of the lake.

ABOVE: A closer look at the mantle in the library. It's a
beautiful mantle, but doesn't really fit well with
the fireplace opening. The original mantle had
been removed at some point but was saved and
sold at auction for a paltry $10. You can see the
missing brick where it was originally mounted.


ABOVE: This is the view of the patio after
stepping outside from the library doors.
Several wrought iron benches and patio
tables and chairs had been here, but were
sold and loaded up by the time I shot this
photo. The large urn you see was next to go.
It brought $675 -- I wouldn't have moved
the thing for it!

BELOW: Another view of the patio. You
can see the wife of the urn's buyer, wondering
what the hell I'm doing taking their photo. They're moving a gigantic urn and they thing I'm crazy??

ABOVE: Such a nice view from the patio! You
can make out a boulder by the edge of the far
side of the lake. I'm not sure what that
represents, but it's been there since
Davidson bought the place.

ABOVE: As you might expect in a house
like this, the workmanship and detail was
impressive. All the hardwood flooring in the
home's rooms had some sort of nice detail work,
like this below, which bordered the floor
in the library.

Kind of a sad way for such a man's life to come
to a conclusion. This was the last view before
I left. Outside, people are busying loading
their auction purchases.

The doors to Davidson's home have to be the
original ones installed when it was built. Seems to me it
was built in the mid-1960s. Anyway, I can almost
imagine seeing Mr. French coming to the door
(from the old CBS series starring Brian
Keith "Family Affair").

The sign says it all. Davidson's neighbor, Mary Nancy Todd, was well prepared for the onslaught of auctiongoers -- she had barricades up preventing anyone from driving past Davidson's property line.

ABOVE & BELOW: The left post entering the driveway had this sign, while the righthand side had the one below.

A close-up look at those funky sconces in
the living room.

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