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My Yahoo! News
I get most of my online news from these guys. Updates frequently, and lots of sources make it quite valuable for news hounds.

Ky. Standard Online
The newspaper that employs me.
I built the paper's first Web site way back in 1997.

The NE Online
I used to work for these guys,
and I built their first Web site in 1996.

The Oldham Era
I used to work here, too, but I didn't do anything with their Web site.

Drudge Report
I've never worked for Drudge, and I've never worked on his Web site. I
did send him a tip about former President Bill Clinton's visit to Louisville.

Take regional artists and mix them with landmarks from around the country, and you have CityCreations.com. This site takes a good idea and turns it into a very user-friendly and enjoyable site. You'll find cars that feature landmarks from all over the U.S., including My Old Kentucky Home and the Lexington and Louisville, Ky. areas.

This site chronicles the ongoing saga of my 1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air two-door hardtop.

Stephen Foster Collins: America's
Favorite Folksong Writer
This site is a wonderful look at Bardstown's fabled link to fame. The site follows him from his birth in Lawrenceville, Pa., to his death in the charity section of Bellevue Hospital in New York.

Ever heard of Weblogs or "blogs?" Blurty is a fairly new online journal (or blog) site, and its the one where I keep my blog. Visit me and say howdy!

One of the best weather sites I've come across. Links to all the local radars, NWS and more! A winner for anyone wanting top-quality weather info!

Storm Team
Doppler Radar
Absolutely the best view of Central Kentucky weather.

NWS Nelson County
WX Forecasts
This is the Ag Weather. Tres good.

Beach Boys Fan Club
This is the official Web site for my favorite rock n roll group of all time, the Beach Boys. With the death of drummer Dennis Wilson in 1983 and his brother Carl Wilson in 1998, the group has fractured. Since their deaths, lead singer
Mike Love has licensed the Beach Boys name and created a touring group he
calls 'The Beach Boys.' Hardcore fans like me call them the BB2; they are
excellent performers in concert, but
they aren't the real Beach Boys. Sigh.

Ohio Valley Dragway
It used to be called Ohio Valley Raceway, but its still known simply as "the Valley." My family went for the Outlaw Street Car event, and boy howdy was it fun! Gotta go back!

Beech Bend
Remember Beech Bend? The commercials made it look like a blast, and through its ups and downs, its still a great bargain for your entertainment dollar. The drag strip is 1/4 mile and hosts lots of events from March through November. Tres cool.

Cosmic Internet Academy
This site is offered by Jasmuheen, a woman who claims she eats no food but lives on light. She also has a slew of acronyms for other wacky programs, and tours the world spouting her theories on peace, life without food, etc.

My favorite watch company has a watch that has a built-in Palm PDA! They also have a couple of other PDA that don't use Palm. Santa didn't bring one. Sigh.

Wonderfully Wacky
Need a gift for the person with everything? You'll find the oddest of oddities here!

Find them quick. Find
them now.

Bourbon & It's History
Shawhan, Waterfill & Frazier, it's good stuff (burp!).

Define it. Spell it. Use it.

Sig Manufacturing Co.
Thirty years ago, my hobby was flying model airplanes. Maybe I'm reliving my childhood, but I once again plan to take to the air this summer, with products from Sig Manufacturing! Sig was one of my favorite mail-order suppliers. Their catalog was -- and I'm sure still is -- the 'bible' for all modelers who must order stuff by mail.

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