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Got a question? Research-It! on the Web


It's getting to be crunch time for students as research papers come due in high school and college classes everywhere.

If you're putting that research paper together on your computer, you may find out at the last minute you have some unanswered questions. What do you do?


Research-It! is a comprehensive Web site aimed at giving you answers to a vast area of questions. Imagine your favorite search engine times about 30!

It isn't a new site on the Web, either -- it's been in existence for three years, and has garnered a slew of awards. And there's a good reason why.

Research-It!'s Web site consists of more than 30 different tools covering seven different categories.

Need a translation of a Latin word or phrase? Research-It!'s Universal Translator can help.

Need to know the dollar-to-rupee exchange rate, or who said a famous quotation? Need to track a package or read a biography of a famous person? Research-It! can answer it -- or at least point you in the right direction.

Research-It! is one of two great advertiser-supported Web sites by iTools!

The second one is Find-It!, a multi-faceted search engine that allows you to search newsgroup posts, software libraries and run searches on the Internet Address Finder.

If you've got a question, you'll find a great place to start searching for answers at either site, found on the Web at www.itools.com.

56K BLUES. If you've purchased a 56k modem and are getting connection speeds near 56k, then congratulations -- you're a rarity.

Most folks who use 56k modems get connections speeds ranging from 42-52k -- though many are reporting slower speeds.

Some users find they had faster connection speeds with their old 33.6k modems. How is that possible?

There's a Web site I've mentioned before that can answer that question, and is a great source of information for 56k modem owners: www.56k.com.

There are a host of issues that can be the cause of slow connections with 56k modems -- some in your control, some not.

If you're looking for answers, you'll find them at 56k.com's Troubleshooting Guide. There, you'll get some ideas on what can be causing your slow speeds on your high-speed modem (though some of it gets pretty technical).

If you're a new computer user, you can bone up on terminology with the site's glossary.

There are links to modem maker's Web sites, reviews of the latest modems, a buyer's guide and more.

It's a site that deserves to be bookmarked if you own or plan to own a 56k modem.

Point your browser to www.56k.com.

STARR REPORT. If you haven't looked it up yet, independent counsel Kenneth Starr's report to Congress should be on the Internet by now.

The 445-page report is said to detail President Bill Clinton's sex-and-perjury scandal with former intern Monica Lewinsky, including possible grounds for impeachment.

Members of the House had to vote to approve putting the report on the Web. When they do OK it, there are two places you can first look for it.

http://thomas.loc.gov -- the Congress' special Thomas Web site; and

http://www.house.gov/icreport, a special House of Representatives Web site being prepared for the report.

The report is likely to appear at other sites, so don't overlook checking out your favorite Web site for an obvious link on their home page.

When the report is Web published, don't be surprised to find some delays as millions of people all over the world rush to read it.

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