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The Modeler's 12 Days of Christmas
by Jim Brooks
Dec. 14, 1974

"On the first day of Christmas a 'true friend' gave to me,
An airplane in a high tree.

2nd day

  2 splintered props

3rd day

  3 spring nose gear

4th day

  4 burnt-out glow plugs

5th day

  5 tubes of glue

6th day

  6 bent-up pins

7th day

  7 broken X-acto blades

8th day

  8 blowing gaskets

9th day

  9 crankshafts bending

10th day

  10 engines failing

11th day

  11 servos grinding

12th day

  12 planes a-glitching

Bardstown Aero Modelers flight line, circa 1973-74. Left row from top, unidentified balsa hand-launched glider; Panther III (meaning rebuilt 3 times) built by Denny Greenwell; Super Ringmaster, owned by Jim Brooks; Super Ringmaster, built by Greg Young. Right row from top: Flite Streak, built by Denny Greenwell, and Lucky Sport (aka "Big Mo") built by Jim Brooks. Only the Panther, the dark blue Ringmaster and the Lucky Sport survive of this group today.