Photo Gallery - Top Flite P-40 Warhawk

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Above, my Top Flite P-40 kit as completed by me in the spring of 1973. I never did complete the cowling for it. The built-up fuselage was two formed balsa shells, and it was pretty rinky dink. I even wrote Top Flite a letter critical of the kit! The plane was powered by a K&B Stallion .35 that cost me $14 when I bought it in January 1973 (used ones are twice that price on eBay!). The plane's paint scheme is Aero Gloss Olive Drab/Camoflage Tan, with Sky Blue underneath. The wings are covered in silkspan.

The plane was a disappointing flyer. Perhaps it was beyond my building skills as a 13 year old, but it never performed well at all. It flew about a half dozen times, most of which ended in a crash. The plane wasn't very responsive to controls, so I decided to enlarge the tail surfaces the last time I repaired it. The one problem was the balsa I used was too soft, and the stabilizer cracked and broke during flight, and the plane crashed again, though not unrepairable.