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Here I am flying my Carl Goldberg Lil' Jumpin' Bean in the east parking lot at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Bardstown. The striped lane I'm flying over leads to the walkway that goes straight to the church steps. The plane is powered by a Cox Golden Bee. The paint scheme is dark blue with the white stripes on the wings. This was after I rebuilt it from its first crash. In this paint scheme I added various decals proclaiming my membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics, which can be seen on the side of the fuselage. This plane had an interesting "groove" point where it would fly level with no control. If you held the control handle in neutral, it would fly all day long at about 4 feet high. Winds might raise or lower it, but it always returned to the groove and didn't wander. No other plane I built and flew ever had such a distinctive "groove."