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Here I am proudly displaying my Combat Kittens. The kit was made by Top Flite, the same people who created the Flite Streak (interestingly, both the 1/2A Streak and the Kittens share identical wing construction details. This photo by my brother Bennie was shot the same day as other color shots from my parent's driveway on this page. You can see part of a prop and engine in the lower right corner of the picture. The Kittens were sold as a pair, and I built mine with a couple of modifications. First, I didn't add the wingtips. For some reason, they were either too difficult to build or whatever, but I didn't put them on either plane. I liked decals, particularly German ones, and the red Kitten has so many Third Reich insignia on it that it is probably a hate crime now to fly the dang thing. Combat wings are nearly disposeable, since their purpose it so fly fast, furious, and live a short life. I never put mine in combat, so they've lived a long, long life. They've survived nearly 30 years, and await repairs in my basement.. The larger .35-powered versions were called "Combat Cats," I believe.