Photo Gallery - Spad static display model

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This blocky little fellow is a static wooden model given to me as a gift or present or something like that. I had never seeen a static model made of wood, and the kit was intended for someone with greater woodworking skills than my own. Or maybe I just failed to read the directions closely. It was a long time before I realized I was supposed to have carved and shaped all of the wooden surfaces into a more scale-like appearance. Heck, I just glued the thing together! The one part I did try my hand at carving was the propellor. The photo may not reveal it, but it's a pretty rough job. I don't know what happened to his little guy. It hung suspended in my basement work area for a long time. It may be packed in a box somewhere. Anyway, this kit will always serve as a reminder for me to never buy kids a project beyond their skill level. This one was certainly beyond mine at the time.