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I have very fond memories of my Carl Goldberg Lil' Wizard. It was the first flying model I built. It was designedt to take the punishment a trainer must, and mine took its fair share. As you can see, the motor mount is rubberbanded to allow it to "give;" the landing gear are also rubberbanded to allow them to give too. The plane also had some sort of automatic "up" elevator arrangement that would keep the plane flying if the lines went slack. That feature, combined with a hefty bit of wingtip weight, let the plane actually keep its own lines taught for beginners who may not know yet the "back up if you need to keep the lines tight" shuffle. NOTE: I earned my "Pilot's Certificate" from the model company with this plane. A photo of that certificate is on the BAM Photo Gallery immediately below the thumbnail image of the Lil' Wizard.