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Jan. 3, 1999: Businesses, government grappling with Y2K bug; Web stocks remain hot.

Jan. 10, 1999: Apple finding new & colorful ways to 'think different'; Intel to unveil Pentium III; Microsoft to unveil special Y2K tools, Web site; business group says small biz lacking Y2K preparations.

Jan. 17, 1999: Hoaxes prove popular on the Internet, but here's how to determine if that e-mail is fact or fiction; Web sites offer news on historic Clinton impeachment proceedings.

Jan. 24, 1999: Worried about shopping on the Web? Try these tips; Microsoft releases new version of Internet Explorer Web browser for the Macintosh; AOL users spent big bucks online for the holidays; Windows users need to be aware of April Fool's Day bug.

Jan. 31, 1999: expands its product line to include home financing; Jefferson County cable company testing cable modems; Yahoo! buys Geocities; Medicare puts HMO info on its Web site.


Feb. 7, 1999: Online seed catalogs give gardener's a head start on Spring; Web site; Windows 2000 delayed for home users.

Feb. 14, 1999: Offers for free computers aren't always without a price; computers now in half of U.S. homes; Nike hits the Web running.

Feb. 21, 1999: Intel released new Pentium III amid privacy concerns; eBay auction house still popular, but buyer beware, as one man was convicted recently of fraud; AOL eyeing investment in eBay; AOL fixes its Y2K woes; SEC creates special Y2K section on its Web site; Sears, Roebuck & Co. plans to sell appliances -- and parts -- on new Web sites.

Feb. 28, 1999: Web sites often a nice diversion to business application of the Web: Anagram Name Server is a great name brainstorming tool; Fading Ad Campaign offers a look back at old outdoor ads; Yesterdayland does the TV time warp back to your favorite Saturday moring shows; Jalopy Journal addresses the need for speed among retro hot rodding delinquents.


March 7, 1999: Net Medic offers users an easy-to-use way to see what their Internet connection is doing; New Internet Explorer 5 to be officially launched this month; what's the 411 on hip college slang?? Da Bomb can help you figure out what your teen-ager is saying!

March 14, 1999: Don't suspend your better judgment when considering Internet get-rich schemes; Internet giving old scams new life; Internet Scambusters can help you spot cons; new GM Web site deserves a test drive; offers news on everything automotive.

March 21, 1999: Microsoft unveils Internet Explorer 5, announces plans for Win98SE; online dictionaries will be handy for quite a "spell"; and yes, even columnist fall victim to the latest e-mail hoax.

March 28, 1999: Mercury to unveil new 2000 Sable this Tuesday; April 1 brings early Y2K tests; return of baseball season means Ticketmaster is the place to buy tickets on the Web.


April 4, 1999: Melissa virus outbreak shows need to be cautious when handling file attachments; here's how to protect yourself from Melissa-type virii; It's Easter and it's time for Marshmallow Peeps -- on and offline; Yahoo! buys

April 11, 1999: IBM opens full-service online cyberstore; hoax fuels investors to buy up stock -- the SEC is investigating; Windows 95 and NT won't be merged anytime soon, according to Microsoft; Rock band Cheap Trick turning to the Web to reach new fans.

April 18, 1999: Online privacy not assured, especially if you break the law; tools available to help you know what your Web browser is telling Web sites; sites give support to working mothers.

April 25, 1999: CIH virus returns Monday to wreak havoc on PC computer owners; antivirus software offers protection against damage; yo-yo's making a high-tech comeback; eBay's success helping its CEO earn big bucks.


May 2, 1999: Web site offers you your credit report in 30 seconds; unclaimed baggage highlight of new e-commerce site; Budget Rent A Car to offer rentals by bid; Time Warner to close Pathfinder Web site.

May 9, 1999: Internet sites can help you stay up-to-date on ag weather, as well as chances for severe weather; UK Ag Weather Service helps youp lan your gardening, Intellicast offers great Doppler, NEXRAD radar images; the WHAS-TV 11 Storm team Web site is excellent too, as the Weather Channel's site. Radio Shack is putting their catalog online,

May 16, 1999: Use online brokers to save money while investing; E*Trade Game is perfect way to "test drive" your online investing experience; Sears unveils new appliance, parts Web site.

May 23, 1999: Big business catching on about e-commerce; online booksellers edge towards a price war; Women of the West online museum.

May 30, 1999: Mormon genealogy Web site a victim of its own popularity; NASDAQ to add evening trading session aimed at online investors; Barnes & Noble bargain books Web site offers great prices; Aaron Spelling selling TV show memorabilia.


June 6, 1999: Nation's largest stock broker shakes up Wall Street with announcement they'll offer online trading by end of July; PaineWebber says "Me too";' E*Trade diversifies in $1.8 billion deal to buy Internet bank; Sears' PartsDirect Web site is just too darned handy for your family handyman; quilting subject of upcoming PBS show, Web site.

June 13, 1999: ExploreZip worm infection underscores the need to protect your home computer; computer crash takes eBay (and its stock price) down; Toys R Us is pointing its resources at winning big in cyberspace; Irish company offering free Web access to promote its e-commerce.

June 20, 1999: Declassified documents chronicle U.S., world history; Weather Channel e-mail makes weather watching wonderful; Circuit City embracing e-commerce; Penney's adds iMac to catalog; Packard Bell NEC Z1 takes the iMac's all-in-one concept to the PC world.

June 27, 1999: looks back at the events that have shaped the century's business; sign up for interactive Austin Powers e-mail, baby!; Webcam offers view of JFK assassin's perch; Warner Web site offers video, sound clips.


July 4, 1999: Computer prices continue to decline as ISPs promote themselves with FREE PCs; Apple selling maker of Wintel iMac clone for infringement; free e-mail company Juno is starting a push to build more subscribers; the power of e-mail is demonstrated when depositors empty bank accounts ... man arrested for starting the panic.

July 11, 1999: Web offers a chance to reflect on astronaut's accomplishments; Internet growth exceeding all predictions; offer of "free" PC has a price attached.

July 18, 1999: Hoax e-mail links anti-perspirants to breast cancer; Y2K bill gets set to the president via e-mail; AltaVista Web portal to offer free Internet access; National Semicondutor offering new computer on a chip.

July 25, 1999: Jobs unveils new Apple laptop, dubbed the iBook; Starbucks CEO reassures investors that e-commerce plans won't damage company's core product; Microsoft unveils its AOL Instant Messenger-compatible chat software, MSN Messenger.


August 1, 1999: New Web site offers a dash of British humor, Python style; look back at the U.S. of 100 years ago; Home Depot warns its suppliers not to compete in e-commerce; InfiNet suffers e-mail problems; Hone Shopping Network fans will have a Net way to get their shopping "fix."

August 8, 1999: AOL, Microsoft in battle over instant messaging; new PCs coming that look suspiciously like Apple iMacs; more "free" computer offers hit the Web, including one that really, really is free -- if you qualify.

August 15, 1999: Free, real-time stock quotes are all the rage; finally, Tupperware available without the darned party!; Microsoft Y2k hoax is making the rounds; AltaVista rolls out free Internet access plan.

August 29, 1999: Web site makes sure you never have to wonder about "How Stuff Works"; computer guru's Web site debunks e-mail hoaxes; women to hit the Web in force this holiday shopping season; Windows 2000 update.

August 22, 1999: Free service gives you all the fax via e-mail; Apple sues maker of iMac clone; E-mail surcharge hoax making the rounds again; Fed OKs regs to enhance online banking.

August 29, 1999: Web site makes sure you never have to wonder about "How Stuff Works"; computer guru's Web site debunks e-mail hoaxes; women to hit the Web in force this holiday shopping season; Windows 2000 update.


September 5, 1999: Disney, Nick offer kids opportunities for fun, learning online; Yahoo! still No. 1 search site; most software sold at auctions is pirated, software group says; Microsoft says Office applications will be available as Web-based applications ... one day.

September 12, 1999: Goodwill is first charity to offer online auction service; InfoRocket to auction info -- for a price; FREE Net Access -- revolutionary business model or doomed marketing ploy?; NetAid site offers a way to help fight world poverty; Net meteoric growth to continue into next millenium.

September 19, 1999: Online catalogs giving printed versions a run for their money; eBoards offers users a FREE "virtual bulletin board"; kids will love a visit to General Mills' "You Rule School" Web site.

September 26, 1999: Hoaxes still a problem online, but here's how to arm yourself to flush them out; Virginia unveils "net" themed car tags; PNC auctioning CDs -- the money kind -- online; e-commerce not for faint of heart, analysts say.


October 3, 1999: JuniorNet gives parents a way for kids to go online safely; AOL 5.0 upgrade gives AOL'ers new features; Netscape releases Communicator 4.7; E-mail tops research among U.S. Internet users; Apple taking Web sites to task for releasing preproduction iMac photos, "industrial secrets"; eBay to start regional auction Web sites.

October 10, 1999: CBS' latest Web site turns mouse clicks into cash; Apple rolls out new iMac & OS; Intel drops Merced name for new chip for "Itanium"; new Online Kentucky portal focuses on all things Kentucky.

October 17, 1999: Internet sites to answer all your questions; Apple unleashes controversy after chip-swapping plan runs afoul of buyers; Gateway unveils iMac-like budget model; 3Com, AOL announces new partnership deals that will help put the Internet nearly everywhere.

October 24, 1999: Auto news portal has someting for every car buff; GM opens new Web site for used cars; Encyclopedia Britannica's Web site becomes a victim of its own success; Apple unveils new iMacs and G4s; IBM retreats, taking its Aptiva line out of stores to sell exclusively on the Web. Sometimes I think this Internet thing may catch on! :^)

October 31, 1999: Ask Jeeves' mascot butler taking the A Train to Hollywood -- can stardom be far behind?; Encyclopedia Britannica's new Web site STILL plagued by too many users, National Geographic's Map Machine is suffering too under pressure of its success; SEC coaches find sports fans' Web sites revealing too much info about what the team is up to between games -- one coach has closed his practices because of it; BMW's long-awaited SUV will first go on sale on eBay: Bid early and often!


November 7, 1999: American Bar Association Web site offers tips for shopping this holiday season; Census Bureau's business data now online at new Web site; new Web site offers easy access to new media trade publications; and you'll have fun, fun, fun with all the new free fonts, fonts, fonts you'll find at my newest "favorite" Web site.

November 14, 1999: Newspaper's food writer's recipe archive now online; searchable database adds to your recipe file; Chicago Tribune ends AOL edition; Encyclopedia Britannica's Web site quietly relaunches; survey says Web use cuts TV viewing time; Christie's axes plans for online auctions.

November 21, 1999: Information service is your personal Web-based "Guru"; Web site offers reviewed list of e-newsletters; Carrie Fisher to offer advice online; Gary Coleman turns to online support for financial help.

November 28, 1999: Free Internet access is out there, but is it worth the price you pay?; Intel's new chip aims at making PC cheaper and profitable too; Y2K fears, slow ticket sales force cancellations of end-of-the-millineum concerts.


December 5, 1999: Web sites help you keep tabs, learn more about Mars Polar Explorer; eMachines buys Free-PC; local site offers local free Internet access; IE 5.5 released.

December 12, 1999: Qualcom decides to offer its full-featured e-mail client Eudora Pro to users free (with a catch); free Web providers will fill a niche, study says; more and more people turning to e-commerce for products, services, study says.

December 19, 1999: Retailers Wal-Mart & Kmart are becoming "e-tailers" in a rush to establish Web sites and e-commerce services; Juno makes their e-mail accessible to its users via the Web; survey says online shoppers lead active lifestyles. Qualcom decides to offer its full-featured e-mail client Eudora Pro to users free (with a catch); free Web provider

December 26, 1999: Looking back at the year's developments on the World Wild Web; a look ahead at a very wired future; Juno moves to make its access free.

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