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Jan.5, 1997: Glossary of terms to help newcomers face going online; access AOL via the Internet and save money; no sales figures available on WebTV, but stores report "brisk" business.

Jan. 12, 1997: E-mail gaining popular in business, personal use; Juno offers free access to dependable e-mail; mailing lists keep info flowing; new browsers include e-mail clients; Compaq jumps on the Zip drive bandwagon.

Jan. 19, 1997: AOL's "all-you-can-surf" plan creates headaches for subscribers; resources abound for folks looking into home ownership, repair and renovation; TCI pulls the plug on its cable modem service; free e-mail service Juno kills off its toll-free access numbers.

Jan. 26, 1997: Super Bowl site promotes the big game; AOL trying to handle explosive growth, demand; InfiNet expanding area services; women's Web guide opens; credit reports available now online.

Feb. 2, 1997: Bevy of Valentine's sites offer a way to virtually please your sweetie.

Feb. 9, 1997: FreeRide offers Web surfers a way to earn free Internet access; hackers threaten Valentine's Day riot on AOL; Web sites examine Black History month

Feb. 16, 1997: Microsoft making gains on Netscape in Browser war; take these steps for safe online shopping; PC makers announce price reductions; Fruit of the Loom, Oreck putting the Web to work; survey says 1/3 of online newspapers made money in 1996.

Feb. 23, 1997: Faster modems coming, but which protocol will be adopted as the new standard?; FCC examines taxes on ISP services; save money, telecommute.

March 2, 1997: Web can help you locate old friends; research death, marriage, divorce records online; phone database useful tool; news tools keep you informed; U.S. Robotics, 3Com announce merger.

March 9, 1997: Flood victims have aid resources on the Internet; graphic designers can find plenty of free fonts on the Web.

March 16, 1997: Web's power ruffles feathers in poultry industry; 1988 computer magazine a time warp into our PC past; Queen Elizabeth unveils royal Web site.

March 23, 1997: Stargazers turn to the Web for info on Hale-Bopp comet; Time magazine dumped by CompuServe; Apple announces workforce cuts, pull plug on Performa models; Java, JavaScript and ActiveX creating security bugs for browsers.

March 30, 1997: Cult's suicide leaves evidence on the Web; Win 95 update delayed; KIH Online offering Internet access locally; debuts.

April 6, 1997: Nescape Communicator latest volley in browser war looks like a winner; Apple releases updated Macintosh line; online communications forces regulators to look at new ways of doing business; SEC unveils EDGAR database.

April 13: Netscape Communicator shows promise; Microsoft buying WebTV; Internet Explorer 4.0 beta released; playing the domain name game.

April 20: Web a good resource for gardening info; Communicator to incorporate Netcaster feature; MSN features e-mail glitch.

April 27: AOL could benefit from CompuServe merger; BMG to offer enhanced CDs; Web site offers support to law enforcement officers.

May 4: offers facts when car buying; routing error sends Internet into darkness for many; Apple previews new Mac OS 8; Apple rumors abound.

May 11: Debut of new Pentium II marred by undetected flaw; new program offers AOL Instant Messaging as standalone product; GTE buys BBN; two-line modems to debut soon; Netscape releases preview of Communicator; FTC settles flap with AOL's "free" trial policy.

May 18 1997: Web sites offer views, info about outer space; CompuServe ad campaign aims at boosting membership; Apple CEO says new operating system will run on PCs; Pentium II sales strong.

May 25 1997: Netscape, MS pushing new 'push' technologies; online video rental site debuts; E'town rehab owner launches Web site; NASDAQ launches site.

June 1, 1997: Hacker's arrest may hurt e-commerce; competing 56k modem technologies aren't compatible, and ISPs are being pressured to offer one or the other to users; US Robotics offering toll-free line test service; Apple readies limited edition 20th anniversary Mac.

June 8, 1997: New Netscape Communicator due this week; Microsoft writing 'push' technology standard; CNN offering customized news pages; new AOL software to include Driveway 'push' technology; domain sells for a cool $150,000.

June 15, 1997: Online medical resources offer free advice; programmer reports software bug to Netscape, wants cash to reveal details; search engine tips.

June 22, 1997: Kelley Blue Book aids new, used car buyers; WebTV upgrade announced; AOL to support 56k service; WebCrawler unveils upgrades; Netscape bug fixed; Windows 98 beta coming next month.

June 29, 1997: Supreme Court strikes down Communications Decency Act; Windows for Workgroups a worthy upgrade from Win 3.1; E-Trade site crashes; CNet announces creation of Snap! online service; tips for parents to keep their kids safe online.

July 6, 1997: Net brings Mars Pathfinder mission to your desktop; beta testers have good words about Windows 98; PC makers to end sales of Windows 3.1; AOL pursuing CompuServe purchase.

July 13, 1997: Amelio ousted as Apple CEO; how the Web helped me buy a new car; MSN to revamp its content.

July 20, 1997:

July 27, 1997: AOL drops plan to share subscribers' phone numbers with marketers; Mac OS 8.0 released; new Windows OS to be called Windows 98; CompuServe creates kid-safe content area.

August 3, 1997: Apple co-founder Jobs slated to return as CEO; syndicates' sites home to your favorite newspaper cartoons; new browser bug discovered.

August 10, 1997: Microsoft invests in ailing Apple Computers; audio, video live from space now on the Web; Netscape to offer stripped-down version of Communicator; AOL CEO says growth 'on target.'

August 17

August 24, 1997: National Enquirer debuts Web site; IE 4.0 set for release Sept. 30; Netscape announces plan for standalone Navigator browser; CompuServe adopts flat-rate pricing; survey predicts huge surge in number of PC owners who will go online.

August 31, 1997: Numerous sites now online for benefit of farm, livestock producers; AOL scammers prompt warning.

September 7, 1997: Preparation key to successful upgrade to Win 95; new MS browser due at end of month; DVD formats not set yet; Apple moves to kill Mac clones; Social Security to open revamped Web site after security problems.

September 14, 1997: Don't overlook hardware if upgrading to Windows 95; AOL buys CompuServe; Apple moves to end licensing of clone Macs.

September 21, 1997: Apple founder Steve Jobs named interim CEO; Windows 98 release delayed; WebTV upgrade released.

September 28, 1997: AOL gearing up for renewed ad blitz; MSNBC edits Clinton testimony; plan to sell domain info on CD shelved; bug reported in Mac version of Microsoft Outlook.

October 5, 1997: Microsoft unveils Internet Explorer 4.0 to rave reviews; Microsoft employees pull prank on rival Netscape; EPA water quality reports now online.

October 12

October 19, 1997: World Series fever prompts new baseball sites; Top 10 Losers in technology as rated by CNet; CompuServe gives sneak peek at Web-based services.

October 26

November 2, 1997: Traders clog the Web during wild stock market ride; number of Web users drops; Apple marketshare slips again; AOL e-mail outage sparks outrage.

November 9, 1997: Check your e-mail by telephone; Microsoft releases beta version of IE 4.0 Web browser; Mir cosmonauts selecting gifts from Mass. company's Web site.

November 16, 1997: MCI upgrades infrastructure; Apple announces plans for cybercafes; cable modems rolled out in Canada; modem makers shifting to 'flash' upgradable models; AOL's new flat-rate pricing may shock some users; ideas for getting rid of those feebie promo diskettes; Floppies for Kiddies offers a way to put old floppies to work to help kids.

November 23, 1997: Give your holiday guests a tour of the Internet; Web browser wars revisited.

November 30, 1997: Netscape incorporates chat client into new Web browser; Virtual Body now online; trivia buffs now have a Web site; English grammar questions addressed.

Dec. 7, 1997: Study finds national Internet providers not always best in service, support; IE 4.0 released; Gateway purchases Amiga operating system; Saudi prince invests in Netscape; Rush Limbaugh's wife leading new online magazine.

Dec. 14, 1997: Online magazine aimed at car buffs; news outlets weighing in on a name for president's puppy; Hotmail popularity climbing; study shows more PCs in homes; Yahoo ranked top Web destination.

Dec. 21, 1997: Feds looking at Microsoft forcing its browser on manufacturers; Netscape still holds top spot in browser war; Internet Explorer 4 gives Web users more options; Apple loses more marketshare; faster Macs on the way.

Dec. 28, 1997: Predictions for 1998; Kwanzaa sites on the Web.


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