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January 4, 1998: Windows 98 release date announced; AOL signs deal with Cybermeals; Microsoft snaps up Hotmail; Apple board member's joke not appreciated; price cuts likely to force others to follow suit.

January 11, 1998: Handheld computing devices enter new era; Microsoft's IE4.0 is great, but watch how you install the thing; for people who aren't happy with their browser's e-mail client, there's Eudora; Apple to announce profitable quarter; hard drive maker cuts back.

January 18, 1998: Hoaxes 101: How to tell fact from fiction on the Web; Impeachment saga sources plentiful online.

January 25, 1998: Microsoft moves to end Justice Dept. troubles; Netscape for free; check for a virus if you're computer behaves erratically.

February 1, 1998:

February 8, 1998: Browser war continues as Netscape regroups; Drudge Report offers latest on Clinton scandal; beat cabin fever with Web sites; Weather Channel site offers latest weather data.

February 15, 1998: New standard ends competing 56k modem technologies; follow the Winter Olympics on the Web; Apple Newton future uncertain.

February 22, 1998: Web site gives insight on U.S. foreign policy; Windows 98 on track for 2nd quarter release; modem makers give new 56k standard a thumbs up; Apple market share shrinks -- again; IBM to sell PCs online.

March 1, 1998:

March 8, 1998: Hands-on review of the latest Windows 98 Beta release shows its a winner; Net/Web magazines fold as pressure to make money increases.

March 15, 1998: New search engine accepts plain English questions; Bill Gates vs. the DOJ.

March 22, 1998: Practice that SAT, GRE via the Web; Blimpie's Web site offers discounts and more to visitors; unplug that PC before a thunderstorm.

March 29, 1998: If you can't be in the stands, follow the boys of summer via the Web; ballparks site gives fascinating look at the ballfields of yesteryear; Apple board wants iCEO Steve Jobs to take the job permanently; Ad Age study shows Net surfers give up TV time to go online; online shopping's future is bright -- once consumers aren't afraid to use their credit cards online.

April 5, 1998: Post office debuts new online metered mail system; AOL begins ADSL trials; Web search engines miss much, researchers say.

April 12, 1998:

April 19, 1998: Windows 98 set for June release; WSJ online edition sees success; Apple fortunes looking up; libraries becoming popular as Internet access points.

April 26, 1998: New more hard drive space? Consider upgrading to Windows 98; Pentium MMX processors seeing market decline; Netscape joins free e-mail crowd; 3Com modem upgrade flap.

May 3, 1998: Make your computer respond to voice commands; Microsoft's legal troubles threaten Win98; Yahoo! Page; Net Prose contest.

May 10, 1998: Apple iMac aimed at consumer market; relieve stress with Keyboard Yoga; stomp a virtual pet in Godzilla vs. Tamagotchi.

May 17, 1998: Microsoft negotiating to avoid state, fed anti-trust actions; Apple to release part of its under-development Rhapsody operating system; Intuit slapped with Y2k lawsuit over its Quicken financial software.

May 24, 1998: Microsoft digs in as the Dept. of Justice begins antitrust actions; GTE, BellSouth announce fast Internet access; AOL, Kodak partner to give AOL members their photos online; Yahoo! dumps AltaVista as its search engine partner of choice.

May 31, 1998: Web sites offer knowledge, history of farm equipment; garden tractor or riding mower -- what criteria do you use to determine the correct choice?; and online magazine gives tractor enthusiasts an online community.

June 7, 1998: Y2K concern building; Y2K News offers latest info; e-zine helps improve frugality.

June 14, 1998:

June 21, 1998: Windows 98 roll-out coming this week; AOL rebuffs AT&T's purchase offer; 56k modems offer new technology, new headaches.

June 28, 1998: Mergers position AT&T for a very wired future; Windows 98 rollout; portal parade; Navigator still top browser.

July 5, 1998: Internet offers marriage planners some great resources; Antiques Roadshow comes to town.

July 12, 1998: Apple iMac is the darling of trade show; Iomega ships 15 millionth Zip drive; readers talk back about Windows 98, 56k modems.

July 19, 1998: Netscape releases beta release of Communicator 4.5; Apple earnings impresses Wall Street; FCC's e-rate cash disbursements on track.

July 26, 1998: Senate OKs CDAII, "virtual" gambling bill; Barry Diller calls online commerce "bad business"; iMac rebate; where to get goodies to upgrade that old Macintosh.

Aug. 2, 1998: Netscape, Microsoft stomp e-mail security bugs; AOL releases new AOL 4.0 software; computer virus update.

Aug. 9, 1998: See it, hear it online with new RealPlayer release; Eudora security bug; Wal-Mart offering custom-built PCs.

Aug. 16, 1998: Favorable reviews, media blitz follows debut of new Apple iMac; Geocities draws fire from the feds; Kellogg's Web site a true cereal killer.

Aug. 23, 1998: Comic company's Web site is a true 'Marvel' ; iMac owners report Internet connection problems.

Aug. 30, 1998: Win95.CIH virus returns; Web-based free e-mail explodes in popularity; GTE slowly deploying high-speed DSL Internet access.

Sept 6, 1998: Stock market takes online investors for a wild ride; U.S. households to get faster Internet access; Y2K suit dismissed.

Sept 13, 1998: Rearch site offers Web help; 56k modem blues; Starr report to hit the Web.

Sept. 20, 1998: WebFerret review; Legal-limit modem speeds; AOL still No. 1.

Sept. 27, 1998: AOL preparing for disk blitz; MSNBC censorship; sale of domain info halted; Mac Outlook bug found.

Oct. 4, 1998: Microsoft winning browser war, study says; Netscape fires back; IBM insures its customers against hackers.

Oct. 11, 1998: Filtering software aims at protecting kids online (reviews of Cybersitter, Cyber Partrol, Net Nanny, Cyber Snoop); Tips for parents with kids online.

Oct. 18, 1998: Year of profit heralds Apple's comeback; new Mac OS 8.5 debuts; Netscape wins one; AOL revamps its Web site; study - women fastest growing group of Net users.

Oct. 25, 1998: Budget deal includes Net censorship Act; Netscape releases Communicator 4.5; MS IE4 preview released; Lexis-Nexis now online.

Nov. 1, 1998: Politicans turning to Web; IBM enters low-price PC wars; AOL growing; WIndows NT 5.0 to be called Windows 2000.

Nov. 8, 1998 : E-commerce looks hot; Apple hawks iMac financing; SyQuest crashes.

Nov. 15, 1998: Do-it-yourself e-mail lists; e-commerce gets consumer group's OK; Levi's turns to the Web to boost sales, image; Web site makeover.

Nov. 22, 1998: Browser add-on speeds info searches; MCI rolling out DSL service; AMD K6 chips report compatibility problems with Win95; AOL, Netscape reported in talks; SyQuest files for bankruptcy protection.

Nov. 29, 1998: Thoughts on the AOL-Netscape merger; build a friend for Barbie; new disk storage media holds promise; Mac OS 8.5 advisory.

Dec. 6, 1998: The Web offers last-minute shopping ideas aplenty, including Bloomingdale's and Macy's; keep up with elecotronic commerce news; survey shows Web buying trends; Tuvalu knows value of its domain.

Dec. 13, 1998: The color of new money; ex-Beatle plans a Webcast; next-generation browser looks promising.

Dec. 20, 1998: Web sites can help beat the out-of-school blues; visit; Franklin Institute chronicals achievements in flight; Disney launches beta of its "" portal; AT&T announces rate hike.

Dec. 27, 1998: Predictions for 1999; Intel, AMD promise blistering speed from new chips coming in '99; UPS Web site hits all-time record for package tracking; AOL added to S&P 500.

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