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Jan. 7, 1996: Cut the high cost of AOL, CompuServe; budget crisis sparks new Web site; DoD uses Web for family info on Bosnia deployment.

Jan. 14, 1996: RealAudio a hit with its users; save money and access AOL via your own ISP; send in local Web site locations.

Jan. 21, 1996: Web soap opera 'The Spot' unveiled; Web acronyms can be confusing; Netscape unveils another beta of Navigator 2.0; TVNet chronicles history of TV programs.

Jan. 28, 1996: Chatting is big business online; New York Times launches its Web site.

Feb. 4, 1996: Usenet newsgroups offer news and lots more; computer viruses strike when you least expect it.

Feb. 11, 1996: Valentine's Day Web sites make the heart -- and mouse -- go flutter; telecom protests spread across the Web; Netscape 2.0 goes gold.

Feb. 18, 1996: CompuServe adds new Web browser; AOL's GNN opening new markets; Hardin County businesses use the Web for business.

Feb. 25, 1996: PointCast Network offers a new way to get your news delivered; tests underway to offer Internet access over cable TV lines; Fort Knox-related sites on the Web.

March 3, 1996: Political Web sites chronicle presidential hopefuls' run for office; all presidential candidates have Web sites, including Pat Paulsen; other sites poke fun at politics, candidates.

March 10, 1996:Tax software, Web sites can help ease the chore of income tax preparation; other sites offer online tax return preparation.

March 17, 1996: Software can help keep your kids safe online; CyperPatrol, CyberSitter, Net Nanny, Surf Watch, and others are reviewed; UK basketball fans can now catch the Wildcats online.

March 24, 1996: Lincoln Trail Area Development District unveils comprehensive Web site; City of Radcliff site takes part in online Easter Egg hunt; Yahoo! creates search engine aimed at kids -- Yahooligans; ZD Net software library recommended for Web surfers.

March 31, 1996: Oracle chief pitches low-priced Internet device; Churchill Downs offers online tour of historic track; i-Show '96 conference brings in noted Web designers; CNet offers e-mail news dispatch.

April 7, 1996: Businesses creating their own private intranet networks; Grayson County chamber unveils Web site; Ticketmaster selling event tickets online; Yahoo, Ziff-Davis create new magazine, Yahoo Internet Life; editorial cartoonist unveils Web site; "plug & play" turns into "plug & pray."

April 14, 1996: Gardening sites a resource for green thumbs; more editorial cartoonists surface on the Web.

April 21, 1996: Netscape unveils preview release of new browser; other browser bugs are reported; NASA Web site chronicles moon landings; no need to type http anymore.

April 28, 1996: New NetToob player handles all video formats; Yankee magazine unveils Web site; CNet first annual Internet Excellence award Webcast; CNet to launch 2 new Net-related TV programs; local residents put themselves on the Web.

May 5, 1996: I-Showattracts top presenters to Louisville forum; Netscape releases Navigator 3.0 beta; UK study confirms Web's popularity; congressmen get in ethics trouble with their Web sites.

May 12, 1996: Restaurant game players meeting online to discuss strategy; AOL to take service to Japan; Prodigy managers to buy trouble ISP from current owners; Nielsen survey shows Net user trends; Usenet a place for varied interests.

May 19, 1996: PointCast Network releases upgrade; Netscape updates Navigator; riddle galore on game show Web site; Tony Awards unveil Web site.

May 26, 1996: Faster Internet speeds coming - eventually; Faces on the Web; congressional law library online; Prodigy sold to International Wireless for less than $250 million.

June 2, 1996: InfiNet offering low-buck trial account; cable modem development lurches forward; Lexington's WKYT unveils new site; CompuServe announces its content will move to the Web; GEnie to move, too; new federal statistics site debuts.

June 9, 1996: New search engines compete with Yahoo!; free promotion boosts AT&T into second-largests Internet provider; study predicts ADSL will compete with cable modems by 2000; E'town Auto Auction debuts Web site.

June 16, 1996: CDA defeat doesn't end court battle; use of images online puts light on copyright issues; "easter eggs" show up in several Microsoft products.

June 23, 1996: AOL's new software gets good reviews; FTC investigating AOL complaints; IBM announces cordless modem.

June 30, 1996: Hardin residents have choice of ISPs; Radcliff Web site taking part in Independence Day contest.

July 7, 1996: E-Data patent claim threatens Net's e-commerce; LTADD adds new Bullitt Co. sites; Major League Baseball offering All-Star site; KVN update.

July 14, 1996: Netscape working to protect marketshare with new features; number of mom & pop ISPs increasing; PointCast Network to offer CNN news content.

July 21, 1996: Webisodic soaps The Spot, Ferndale, Spike Webb offer interactive drama; the Bible now offered online translated in Pig Latin.

July 28, 1996: Tips for improving your searches; AT&T to distribute MS Internet Explorer browser; new sites from Titlest; new drama and Flight 800 discussions online; yo-yo fan puts tricks online.

Aug. 4, 1996: Netscape "Power Pack" offers tools to Web surfers; CNet site offers gaming tips; PC memory prices drop; move site racks up record visits.

Aug. 11, 1996: Sites offer free software; downloading tips and hints; Juno e-mail campaign promotes is free e-mail service; sites offer useless fun facts.

Aug. 18, 1996: What's in a name? Plenty -- if you have it copyrighted; Internet Explorer 3 a major browser upgrade; change screen fonts to improve readibility; try Super Reload on stubborn Web pages.

Aug. 25, 1996: Netscape unveils Navigator 3.0 one week after Microsoft's IE 3.0; Wal-Mart announces new Web site; Sprint announces it will also offer Internet access.

Sept. 1, 1996: Help available for new Net users; free e-mail service news; back-to-school online resources.

Sept. 8, 1996: Create your own Web site; HTML resources; new children's book helps educate kids about the Internet; warning about loose cables.

Sept. 15, 1996: Presidential candidates, political parties using Web sites to get campaign message out; Project VoteSmart offers analysis of voting records and issues; fan sites unite soap opera fans.

Sept. 22, 1996: RealAudio offers realtime concerts, archived content streams online; Web site archives radio parodies; Happy Puppy gaining popularity with gamers.

Sept. 29, 1996: Online credit card theft isn't more common that real-world fraud; video upgrades can improve your view of the Web; News-Enterprise unveils new Web site.

Oct. 6, 1996: Louisville hockey team unveils Web site; tourist attractions making good use of the Web; new site offers investment advice; new Microsoft browser in the works; AOL ad blitz begins.

Oct. 13, 1996: World Series site debuts; Web error messages decoded; NBC's Today Show site unveiled; MSN retooled, moves to the Web.

Oct. 20, 1996: Internet telephone technology improving; A&E has a hit with 'Biography' site.

Oct. 27, 1996: Reports of Internet's death are premature; Cincinnati tourism destinations open Web sites; retro-cartoons topic of new Web site.

Nov. 3: AOL moves to counter threat from Internet providers; BellSouth rollsout Internet service; telcos gripe that Net use driving higher phone line useage; e-mail messages to God.

Nov. 10, 1996: Microsoft releases Mac version of IE Web browser; Iomega Zip drivers are hot ticket; 56k modems under development.

Nov. 17, 1996: Apple plans Internet cafes across U.S., Europe; MCI upgrade means you'll see a faster Internet; cable modems hit Canada; upgradeable modems; AOL bill shock.

Nov. 24, 1996:

Dec. 1, 1996: Microsoft released beta version of IE browser for Windows 3.1x operating systems; National Science Foundation to kick off research on high-speed "Internet 2"; AOL move to unlimited surfing causes flap in Washington state; AOL changes how it rewards employees with free Web time.

Dec. 8, 1996: Nolin RECC acquires KVN; compliment your friends in new ways with the Surrealist Compliment Generator; Domino's Pizza now on the Web; Mar, Venus author now has Web site.

Dec. 15, 1996: WebTV makes its debut; holiday-related Web sites can bring Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa cheer; KVN update.

Dec. 22, 1996: Yahoo offering personalized news page; introduce your family to area newspapers now online.

Dec. 29, 1996: Hollywood using Web sites to promote new movies; UPS offering package tracking; Netscape releases Communicator beta; Netcom drops unlimited usage plan.

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