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Jan. 6, 2002: Web-based e-mail offers a way to beat spam.

Jan. 13, 2002: New Apple iMac shines; Napster returns (sort of).

Jan. 20, 2002: New domain names available at last; PC sales slump continues; eBay hiking commissions.

Jan. 27, 2002: Premium search service aimed at business, researchers; judge suspends copyright suits against Napster; new Pressplay online music site debuts.

Feb. 3, 2002: ISP says new worm is a test for future infection; IBM ad campaign fails to impress city fathers; Motley Fool making jump from free to fee.

Feb. 10, 2002: StreamCast denies rumor it is spreading a virus; BlackICE Defender secuirty hole opens Windows 2000, XP; Disney signs content deal with BellSouth; tabloid ruse fools mainstream media.

Feb. 17, 2002: Lawsuit may change the way search engines do business; Real Networks offer live NASCAR coverage online; Priceline.com gets into the cruise business.

Feb. 24, 2002: Auction site under fire for WTC-related sale items; eBay lists stolen National Archive treasures; remember Internet2?; AOL changes search engine.

March 3, 2002: Morpheus software upgrade locks users out of larger network; MSN targeting AOL customers; shop locally for Intenet access.

March 10, 2002: New RealOne audio, video player tops Windows Media; Congressinal panel OKs kid-safe Web domain; search engines companies cry foul over GSA contract; Yahoo! drops MapQuest.

March 17, 2002: AOL may drop Microsoft Web browser; FCC ruling protects cable company networks; Palm Web browser debuts.

March 24, 2002: Free services' wane signal end of online freebies; new worm threatens PC users; filtering on trial.

March 31, 2002: Porn filtering flawed, experts say; Internet growth is slowing, study says; LCD monitor price hikes forcing PC makers to raise prices.

April 7, 2002: Free services being reshaped to encourage fee-based services; Yahoo changes privacy policy; Tickmaster to create forum for unused tickets; Children's Internet Protection Act on trial.

April 14, 2002: Gateway computer ads accused of promoting music piracy; special kids' domain gets OK; author's group boycotts Amazon.com.

April 21, 2002: Earthlink founder's new company pushing wireless networking to new level; Yahoo! sued by singer who provided trademark "yahoo!; domain names still bring big dollars; Web browser war heats up again; Abobe releases new version of PhotoShop.

April 28, 2002: High cost seen slowing growth of broadband Internet; new ".us" domain open for public registrations; Yahoo settles lawsuit with yahoo yodeler; no bets we ever become a paperless society.

May 5, 2002: U.S. Senate to take up "spam" legislation; proposed royalty may put Internet radio stations out of business; interest groups critical of how ".us" domain being handled.

May 12, 2002: U.S. businesses making good use of broadband connections; judges OK limited Internet access to criminal court records; McDonald's Japanese restaurants to add in-store Internet terminals.

May 19, 2002: Internet Coach scores points with online safety message; another virus hoax that asks you to delete a harmless Windows file; RealNames is shutting down.

May 26, 2002: Cash problems may close KaZaa; AOL users prone to jump ship; Microsoft patch will comply with antitrust agreement.

June 2, 2002: M&M contest decides new candy color; web piracy increasing; panel says libraries don't need to filter Internet; BBB tips help indentify trustworthy e-commerce sites.

June 9, 2002: New Netscape browser a step in right direction; Yahoo changing home page; cheaper PC prices coming.

June 16, 2002: Browser flaw makes PCs vulnerable to hackers; AOL 8 beta released, no browser switch -- yet.

June 23, 2002: PC virus protection takes constant vigilance; Kmart unplugs BlueLight.com; man sells his soul in online auction.

June 30, 2002: Online photo albums gaining popularity; record industry using guerilla tactics against file-swapping sites; sales of PCs, Apple iMacs slow.

July 7, 2002: Patience, detective work can help reduce stream of junk e-mail; Yahoo unveils new site design

July 14, 2002: PayPal purchased by eBay; send your cellphone e-mail; new iMacs getting larger LCD display.

July 21, 2002: Apple highlights new products at expo; MSN's new Explorer Web browser won't be free to nonsubcribers.

July 28, 2002: Now may be the best time to buy a computer; PayPal, Stamps.com ink deal; Web TV glitch dials 911.

August 4, 2002: Fee-based music service looking for subscribers; Napster down for the count; domain name disputes can cross international borders.

August 11, 2002: Feds asked to target Internet music swap services, users; Microsoft says 'no' to music swappng; digital cameras grow in popularity; Windows 2000 update available.

August 18, 2002: Study shows more Americans going online; music labels file suit against ISPs to block music site; AOL releases software for Mac OS X; Iomega debuts new storage drive.

August 25, 2002: Music industry targeting users in piracy fight; LCD monitor prices set to drop; Apple revamps Power Mac lineup.

September 1, 2002: Streaming college football deal puts games live online; music industry supports new CD format; Windows flaw announced.

September 8, 2002: Web sites chronicle coverage, impact of 9/11; government responses to attacks trim personal freedoms, privacy, some say.

September 15, 2002: Parody Web site gets no sale with auction giant; Netscape releases version 7.0 of new browser.

September 22, 2002: Hotrodders, Web surfers agree: speed costs money; are cellular IMs the next "big" thing?; Kmart pulls plug on Bluelight.

September 29, 2002: Music industry seeks feds OK to attack music swapping sites; PC vendors' warranties may shorten due to hard drive maker's warranty changes; Web site chronicles the pop vs. soda debate.

October 6, 2002: EBay sells classic car auction business, spins off its sports content into new Web site; Michigan sheriff misses the joke in online news parody Web site.

October 13, 2002: Bugbear worm spreading rapidly via e-mail; Internet hoaxes show up in print, too; MTV signs rights to make a movie about the life of Napster founder Shawn Fanning.

October 20, 2002: Release of AOL 8 brings forth much hype, hoopla; music biz Web sites close to inking major deals; Apple says "no way" to MacWorld move back to Boston.

October 27, 2002: Computer upgrades appear to be on many Christmas gift lists; music industry appeals to Fortune 1000 to end employees' music file swapping; the Baby Boom generation has mostly ignored the MP3 revolution; Disney/MSN partnership unveiled.

November 3, 2002: Computer users get new tools to fight "spam"; updated MS Outlook to offer new spam options; National Governor's Association hoping to collect state sales tax on online sales.

November 10, 2002: Tablet PC debut hoped to boost sales; study proves sitting at a computer really does make you tired; tips for easing eye strain; Braid worm spreading by e-mail.

November 17, 2002: Sales tax plan gets nod from 32 states; U.S. to create kids subdomain in ".us" domain; AltaVista returns to its roots; activists work to stem tide of AOL promo CDs.

November 24, 2002: AOL unveils pre-paid Internet plans; Microsoft announces more security alerts for Windows, Internet Explorer, Web inspires new TV ads; study shows parents more wired than non-parents.

December 1, 2002: Hacker investigation unveils huge ID theft case; tips for detecting, stopping ID theft; KaZaA users hit by "skin" bug; disaster portal unveiled by FEMA.

December 8, 2002: Gateway to offer new PCs with preloaded tunes; books are top Christmas gift this year; be careful with auto-replies at the office; this column begins 8th year: what a long, strange trip it's been.

December 15, 2002: New Netscape browser update can block pop-up ads; more loopholes in Windows operating systems; Wal-Mart cuts pricing on PCs; Google debuts cost-comparison search engine; Eminem's childhood home listed on eBay.

December 22, 2002: AOL 8 -- pricey but effective gateway to the Web; eBay sues site with similar name.

December 29, 2002: Flat-panel LCD monitors will change your view of the Web; Yahoo! buys search-engine techology company Inktomi; noted hacker allowed to have his ham radio license.