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Early in my flying model days I discovered that what goes up usually comes down -- with a bang! Keeping a stable of models in airworthy condition meant making repairs from time to time, just like full-size planes. Most models could be repaired (unless they were re-kitted, like Denny Greenwell's combat wing at right), and few of my planes escaped major repairs.

It's been close to 25 years since any of the planes I built have flown. Most stayed in my basement workshop until the death of my father in 1987. After that, they were moved to the basement of my home, and later, the garage. With my interest rekindled in modeling, I have been digging these planes out of storage. The years weren't kind to most of them.

The tissue and dope (that's the fancy name for airplane paint) on most has split, or become so brittle it splits with the slightest pressure. Several were damaged from being handled by people who didn't know how delicate balsa planes are.

Follow my progress as I slowly attempt to repair the damage from time and neglect, and make the planes I between when I was between 11 and 19 airworthy once again.

Works In Progress

Johnny Casburn
"Lucky Sport"

Top Flite
"1/2A Combat Kittens"

Top Flite
"1/2A Flite Streak"


There isn't much hope of restoring this one! But check the links above for ones with better chances of flying again!